The same Leftists who claim the NFL can’t censor players who want to KNEEL simultaneously claim YouTube can censor conservative speech… huh?

The American Left can’t figure out what it supports, what it opposes, what it wants banned, or what it wants preserved. That’s because being a Leftist means being a cultural, political, and social shape-shifter. What you feel depends on the day. It depends on the situation at the time.

If you’re an NFL fan — or used to be prior to when players began disabusing themselves of national loyalty and decorum to protest “social injustice” during the playing of the National Anthem before each game — you may have already heard that team owners finally found their courage in recent days, voting to impose a ban on kneeling and other forms of protest as the anthem is being played.

Players who just can’t seem to find it in their character to show up for work on Sundays and leave their social protesting for a time when they’re off the field can remain in the locker room while the anthem is being played.

And no doubt some players will. Some are already plotting ways to circumvent the kneeling/sitting ban. These are the players who seem hell-bent on destroying their own careers; NFL viewership and game attendance were both way down last year thanks to all of the protesting, according to several studies and according to team owners themselves. 

Nevertheless, Leftists who support the player protests claim that the NFL has no right or authority to effectively censor players who are merely exercising their First Amendment free speech rights. 

As reported by Fox News:

In the wake of the NFL’s announcement that it has adopted a policy of fining teams and personnel who do not “stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem,” dozens of protesters gathered outside the league’s New York headquarters.

Protesters carried signs and chanted as they defended athletes’ “right to kneel.”

And yet, many of these same people are supportive of censoring the views of conservatives and Republicans on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter — because ‘those people’ have social, political, and cultural views that are ‘improper’ and ‘not worthy of First Amendment protections.’ (Related: Anti-conservative censorship spreads from campuses to GOOGLE and other oppressive tech giants.)

What’s the agenda of the moment?

If you think that’s hyperbole, consider that many Left-leaning college students today — brainwashed by their Marxist professors — actually oppose rules ensuring that everyone can speak their minds freely regardless of their viewpoint. Think about that; some of these people will go on to become leaders in their communities and states. Some may even make it to Congress. 

But if NFL players want to be disrespectful to the majority of Americans, the military, and the National Anthem, that’s just fine. That’s ‘free speech.’ That’s ‘free expression.’

This hypocrisy isn’t new. 

In the 1960s, the radical Marxist Left revolted against “The Establishment” — which included the political, social, cultural, and media establishments of the day. “Anti-establishmentarianism” became not just a real word but a real thing.

The Left was especially appalled by the FBI and Justice Department, which had been politicized by the Johnson and Nixon administrations as a means of spying on the growing Left-wing anti-Vietnam War movement. 

Today, however, as noted by Breitbart’s John Nolte, those same hippie anti-establishment types who grew up hating America on college campuses now love the media and political establishment because they’ve turned on POTUS Trump.

“The children of the ’60s — you know, the hippies — and their ideological offspring in academia, politics, and, most especially, the media, are now not only okay with a sitting president’s weaponizing the intelligence community against a rival presidential campaign; they are all rolling over like whipped dogs to believe everything the intelligence community tells them, most especially when it is coming from the CIA — the CIA! — and the FBI,” he wrote.

Of course that’s true. And it’s disgustingly hypocritical.

The Left doesn’t care about anything but bullying and power. That’s why they will shape-shift their views in order to fit whatever agenda they have at the time. 

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