History’s most massive PURGE of health information ever recorded under way right now thanks to Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and Facebook

Are you blind? You may feel as if you are when trying to find truthful information about natural remedies, natural cures and indigenous medicine online these days, because it’s all getting purged from mainstream and social media faster than you can blink twice and say propaganda. Want any useful information about healthy eating and natural medicine? Good luck. If you don’t know exactly where to look, you won’t find any. Ever heard of memory-holing? It’s when corporations (think Big Food and Big Pharma) delete history in order to rewrite it with their fake science, twisted information and toxic product promotions.

Still think Christopher Columbus was a “good guy” who discovered America? Still think the CDC and the FDA give two craps about you? (It’s just the opposite). Still think jet fuel brought down the World Trade Center? Then you’re probably one of those people who thinks allopathic medicine is the proper way to treat (or even try to cure) diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, Parkinson’s, hypertension, ADHD, ADD, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and cancer. You’re probably also one of those people who thinks conventional food “isn’t that bad for you,” and that most of your health problems are genetic – thus inherited from your parents. It’s time to take off the blinders and take a look at the hot coals you’ve been walking on for years. The mass media lies, and it just got a whole lot worse.

From de-funding to “debunking,” natural medicine and organic food resources are being PURGED like there’s no tomorrow

Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and Facebook are the kings of the biggest lies about healthy food and natural medicine right now. Remember right before the presidential election, when, if you Googled anything negative about Hillary Clinton, you got nothing? The far left controls the mass media, including social media, and it won’t be changing hands for a long, long time, if ever. The richest people in the world want complete control, but right now, they don’t control the White House. What they DO control is nearly everything you research on line, or watch on TV, or read in a newspaper or magazine.

Currently, if you support natural medicine and you have a popular YouTube channel, you are being de-funded and cut off from advertising revenue. Some folks are completely blocked and banned for no other reason than supporting organic food and medicine and exposing the truth about toxic conventional food and allopathic medicine.

Remember the Seralini study – a French research team that exposed Monsanto’s Roundup as the cancerous cocktail it is, and how it causes kidney failure and golf-ball sized tumors in animals in just a couple months? Their main website is under “site maintenance” right now. Coincidence?

If you are vegan or vegetarian, and you make your living by spreading “the word” online, you may be cut off or banned from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google at any moment, as the “Fake News” crew searches for anyone telling the truth and deletes their popularity and cuts off their revenue. Of course, the mad charge to spread disinformation is being led by the infamous Mark “Suckerberg” Zuckerberg, Bill “Gates of Hell” Gates, George “the Nazi Collaborator” Soros, and of course, Amazon’s own Jeff “Bozo” Bezos.

Censored.news and the top 20 sites to find real information about health, wellness, and the politics of it all

Ever heard of Censored.news? It’s all the information and the websites that you never ever read or hear about on television, in the newspapers, or in magazines. Censored news exposed mainstream’s fake news before the term fake news ever came to be. The only defense “lamestream” media had for being called out for what they are was to call real news fake news, and try to reverse the charges. They failed.

So go do it now. Kill your television. Use your newspaper as kindling for your fire pit. Don’t waste another single dollar on some fake news magazine. Start surfing real news on these alternative websites and use a search engine that doesn’t filter out all the truth, like GoodGopher.com. Here are the top 20 sites for finding real information about health, wellness and even politics.

Dig into TRUTH MEDIA right here and right now

  1. Matt Drudge and Zero Hedge
  2. Natural News by Mike Adams the Health Ranger
  3. Info Wars and Prison Planet
  4. SHTF Plan
  5. Blacklisted News
  6. USA Watch Dog
  7. Activist Post
  8. Liberty Headlines
  9. TruthWiki
  10. CDC.news
  11. FDA.news
  12. Government Slaves (Govtslaves.com)
  13. The Daily Sheeple
  14. Brighteon.com (coming this July)
  15. Cancer.news
  16. Science.NaturalNews.com
  17. NaturalNewsBlogs.com
  18. We Are Change (WeAreChange.org)
  19. Truth in Media (TruthinMedia.com)
  20. Consortium News.com

Realize this: Just one century ago in America, all the preventable diseases crippling and killing every third American barely existed, including cancer, heart disease, dementia, diabetes and arthritis. They were all virtually created and perpetuated by processed food, chemical medicine and fake news. Want some truth news now? According to renowned medical expert Dr. Leonard Coldwell, every type of cancer can be cured in weeks. Watch this short video, then visit his website.

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