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Censorship RAMPAGE spins out of control as YouTube bans videos about donkeys, chickens and home gardening

In the last 24 hours, YouTube — run by radical left-wing totalitarians at Google — has terminated both the Health Ranger channel and the InfoWars channel, along with thousands of other independent media channels that are being targeted for termination due to purely political reasons.

YouTube’s censorship is spinning out of control, with The Gateway Pundit covering the news and InfoWars’ Alex Jones confirming with Natural News today that InfoWars is poised to fight back against this most outrageous censorship sweep in our nation’s history.

In wiping out the Health Ranger channel, YouTube deleted more than 1,700 videos, including my baby donkey video from the Health Ranger ranch (see below), videos on raising fee-range chickens and even my videos announcing the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box that has been deployed in hundreds of public schools across America to teach children how to grow their own food.

YouTube censorship has “gone nuclear”

YouTube’s censorship rampage has “gone nuclear,” warns InfoWars as the politically-biased purge spreads across thousands of conservative and libertarian-leaning accounts. “YouTube’s flagging system is clearly being abused in a flagrant effort to shut down Infowars following a public campaign by CNN,” writes InfoWars. “This sets a horrific precedent for free expression and the First Amendment and YouTube is in direct violation of the Communications Decency Act in adopting this approach.”

A visit to the Health Ranger channel on YouTube now says, “This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

See some of the videos from the Health Ranger channel that have now been banned by YouTube:

It’s time for class action LEGAL action against YouTube

“By failing to remain politically neutral, YouTube (Google) is in violation of the Communications Decency Act,” writes Paul Joseph Watson in a tweet that has since gone viral (see below). “This removes their immunity & makes them legally responsible for user content. We must lobby lawmakers to pressure them on this relentlessly.”





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