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YouTube openly allows children to watch violent gun massacre depiction video because it promotes a left-wing narrative of HATE

If your video suddenly becomes banned by YouTube and you receive a “Community Guidelines strike,” it could be that your video violated YouTube’s guidelines, which prohibit any videos from encouraging violence and drug abuse. If this rule was fair and applied equally, then why did YouTube openly allow children to view a violent gun massacre depiction video, while banning the same video that included important commentary that exposed the video’s message of hate?

The problem with YouTube’s rules is they are manipulated to prop up one agenda of leftist brainwashing and hate, while also censoring out any dissidence or important debate. You see, the violent video that YouTube accepted, that was promoted by YouTube to go viral, is a video that essentially teaches kids that black people are victims to whites, that Republicans value firearms over lives, and that the true heroes are social justice warriors who go around whining about “hate speech” and waving flags that call for gun confiscation.

The same video, when layered with commentary that uses critical thinking and facts to debunk the video’s underlying agenda, is ultimately restricted by YouTube. This proves that it’s the speech that YouTube is censoring out, not the content of the violence. Slowly but surely, using algorithms and a team of leftist employees, YouTube is constricting diversity of thought and culling people’s freedom to think critically. YouTube is slowly severing your ability to debate the leftists’ agenda, which only thrives on identity politics and race baiting. YouTube is using their power over people’s content to control what people think is popular, manipulating people to sheepishly go along with the “popular opinion” that they have cleverly dictated.

If your video was banned, it could be that your political speech, your social commentary, or your facts and critical thinking do not match the agenda of the left. The people who flagged your video in the first place are weak social justice warriors who cannot handle the integrity of the content of your speech. After they flag it for YouTube employees to review, YouTube may deem your video “offensive” “hate speech” or even a “hate crime” – terms that are used to shame you and keep your voice silent on important issues.

Blatant hypocrisy, double standard for applying rules

The original video that YouTube promoted was titled This is America. The video depicts a man being shot in the head as a group of gospel singers are shot down with an Ak-47. For eleven days, the video was propped up by YouTube’s “trending” page, helping it to be watched by 120 million people. As the violent video trended, no age restrictions were put in place. Children could readily watch the violent depiction which promoted a leftist agenda of hate toward whites and Republicans.

Paul Joseph Watson used the video to make excellent points about the video’s underlying agenda and how that agenda fuels the hate that leads to more violence and needless shootings. His video, which filtered out the violent parts, was the video that YouTube decided to ban. Paul Joseph Watson says the video was taken down because it was deemed “inappropriate or offensive.” His video could not be shared, could not receive comments or likes, making it nearly impossible for people to see the video.

The Silicon Valley tech giants are punishing diversity of thought and promoting the left’s version of reality, while censoring dissenting voices. YouTube and Facebook are monopolizing control of public discourse and using their power to dictate what people hear, read, and see online.

For more on Silicon Valley’s censorship of dissenting viewpoints and war on critical thinking, visit Censorship.News.

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